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“We have a deep abiding respect and passion for languages at Lingua that permeates everything we do."

CEO Lingua Company – Csilla Mezei

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Lingua Company, also known as Certified Translation (www.CertifiedTranslation.net), same company but with a more specialized global and corporate mission. We are a leading global, professional translation service agency and multilingual language concierge in business for 18+ years. We acquired thousands of happy customers, translated millions of words and handled thousands of language translation projects to date.

Professional Enthusiasm

We share a passion for languages. We bring professional approaches to our client’s projects, we are “professional enthusiasts” privileged to help our clients achieve their global goals. This translates to us providing whatever resources you need to achieve your international, multilingual goals and expand globally by communicating with your clients in their own language. We have a vast network of the best and highly qualified translators, interpreters, desktop publishers, even multilingual concierges.

Quality first and quality second

‘High quality human professional translation services’ is what we stand for, nothing more, nothing less. Expect only the highest quality translation of your documents, marketing materials, your brand from us here at Lingua Company.

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Why Lingua Company?

Client support & satisfaction

How we engage is a function of what our clients and their teams need. When you need to communicate globally (in your international client’s own language) can be challenging. We make sure that our language support is a part of the solution.

We have worked with a large list of esteemed companies like Chevron, Nike, Chase, University of Miami, etc., among many others.


A company without a philosophy is like a ship without a compass. Our agency is built on the premise that it is possible to make a creative playground rather than a production factory. The equation is simple: happy people create joyful global experiences. Therefore, our goal is to make our clients happy by offering the highest quality language services. 

How We Work

Think of us as an extension of your team rather than a vendor. We communicate, set expectations, and work together as a team. One assigned language project manager will oversee the process and ensures that quality expectations and standards are met.

Our process is a transparent and iterative, so you’ll always know the status of your project. We analyze, translate, proofread and edit all translation projects before they are released to the client. 

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