Professional Corporate Translation Services

Human only, hand picked professional translators for your corporation. Let's get it DONE āœ“


Weather you are translating your presentation, your email, your website or simply just want to reach customers globally, finding the right translation partner is a key element of your success.Ā 

Being in business for 18+ years, Lingua Company has the language and cultural expertise, global resources, highly skilled expert translator network, interpreters that are hand picked for each linguistic project. We will help you engage, reach and communicate with your worldwide customers.Ā 


  • Certified document translation
  • Legal document translation
  • Technical document translation
  • Official document translation
  • Legal agreements & contracts
  • Specialized technical documentĀ translation
  • Manufacturing
  • ElectricalĀ engineering documents
  • Aerospace & defense documents

  • Medical documents
  • Travel industry materials
  • Insurance claims
  • Automotive documents
  • Packaging
  • Marketing materials
  • Email translation service


In business for over 18 years, LinguaĀ Company is dedicated to produce highest quality, accurate document translation services done by professional translators and proofreaders. WeĀ combine our expertise and cultural knowledge, professionalism to meet global and local demand simultaneously and to deliver accurate, fast, efficient and cost effective results.


Our document translations go through 4-step processĀ steps:

  1. 1. Evaluation of context and target audience
  2. 2. Translation by a certified bilingual translator
  3. 3. ProofreadingĀ by a second translatorĀ 
  4. 4. Editing and formatting for final delivery of the translated document
  5. 5. Formatting of the final document in order to match the original


High quality document translation is now in greaterĀ demand than ever before.Ā Even thoughĀ machine translations enabled automated translationsĀ for many applications, that is still not the solution for a high quality outbound translation that is in demand.

Many corporations and most of our clients demand human, high quality document translations, that Lingua Company is proudĀ to deliver.

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