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Lingua Company is global, mutlilingual translation and interpretation serviceĀ provider catering to corporations in the Entertainment, Travel, Manufacturing, Financial, Legal, Medical, Automotive, Real Estate, Media, Aerospace, GovernmentĀ fields.

In business for over 18+ years we gathered a large network of the best and highest quality professional interpreters worldwide. Our highly skilled interpreters are chosen by their expertise depending on what the subject matter of your event might be.

āœ“Ā Lingua Company is a global, multilingual corporate concierge, we have the resources, connections, tools and expertise to arrange, plan, manage and carry out your entire event from A-Z. We can even assist you with your corporate travel needs, from hotel booking to airfare. Contact us today with your multilingual event management needs. Ā 

Simultaneous Interpretation

Simultaneous interpretationĀ is more complex and is used when in need to translate into several languages at the same time. This involves the speaker using a microphone and the attendees each wearing a set of headphones. The interpreters listen to the speaker and they then translate. Lingua Company has a vast experience with small and large interpretation events for corporations and multinational firms.

Contact us with your professional simultaneous interpretation service needs, no matter what language. Our professional simultaneous interpreters are standing by.

Consecutive Interpretation

Consecutive interpretationĀ is generally conducted between individuals or in small groups. As the speaker talks, they take frequent pauses during which the interpreter repeats the phrase in your chosen language. You can have more than one interpreter which each translating into a different language if required.

We are a professional consecutive interpretation agency and we are able to interpret from and onto all commercial languages. At Lingua Company we only hire professional seasoned and experienced consecutive interpreters.

Over-the-Telephone Interpretation

This service is managed through our professional call center. Your interpreter will conduct consecutive translation between yourself and your intended recipient(s)/customers.

We can also create pre-recorded information in multiple languages for use with your telephone system. Our bilingual/native professional interpreters are standing by to assist you with your business interpretation service needs.Ā 

Equipment Rental

Weather you have a small or large interpretation even, we can assist with your interpretation equipment arrangement and set up. We can manage your whole global event from A-Z.

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Our project managers are standing by to assist you with your professional interpretation service and global or multilingual event management service requirements.Ā 

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