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Whether it is for an international conference, concert, new product launch or festival providing accurate and effective communication across multiple languages in a foreign country or even at home is a major challenge that we are well equipped to meet.

In the lead up to a major global event, organizers need to arrange for appropriate translation of a multitude of printed and digital material.

We are here to assist you through this process by planning, organizing and managing your multilingual event. 



Simultaneous interpretation is more complex and is used when in need to translate into several languages at the same time. This involves the speaker using a microphone and the attendees each wearing a set of headphones. The interpreters listen to the speaker and they then translate. When it comes to a large interpretation event, it requires a lot of planning. Let Lingua Company manage your event from A-Z.


Consecutive interpretation is generally conducted between individuals or in small groups. As the speaker talks, they take frequent pauses during which the interpreter repeats the phrase in your chosen language. You can have more than one interpreter which each translating into a different language if required. Here are Lingua Company we will organize all aspects of your event.

Equipment Rental

We rent interpretation equipment, from booths to speakers and microphones. 

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