Translation and Language Services With Live Interpreters – 

What Are My Options?

When you need to organize a business meeting, training session or conference where the attendees are from different countries, speaking different languages, that’s no easy task. Where do you turn for business meeting language and translation services, and what kinds of options are available?

First, you must understand the difference in terminologies. “Translation Services” refers to written translations of documents, manuals, etc. “Language Services” can mean either written translations or verbally delivered. Most often, if you want live translations in a face to face setting, the proper term is “Interpretation Services.”

Breaking this down further, there are several different ways you can engage language and translation services using live interpreters:

Telephone or Video Call Interpretation

Our company, Lingua, can provide telephone interpretation services in multiple languages. Interpreters are chosen for their industry-specific expertise. They participate in a conference call to provide translated dialogue during the call. 

Consecutive Interpretation

Many seeking language and translation services end up going this route. Consecutive interpretation is most commonly used in one-on-one or small group settings, and it’s generally the least expensive option for face-to-face situations. Consecutive interpreters listen to a speaker, who then pauses while the interpreter relays their words in a second (or sometimes even third language, depending on the situation). No written translation notes are kept by the interpreter.

Simultaneous Interpretation

Simultaneous interpretation is used for larger meetings, conferences or perhaps training sessions in various settings, where two or more languages are required.  Simultaneous interpretation is generally a more complex and strenuous process than consecutive interpretation, which will be reflected in their relative costs. 

In this situation, multiple interpreters sit in an isolated booth while they listen to the speaker through a headset. The interpreters then speak the translation into a microphone, and their voices are wirelessly transmitted to headsets worn by audience members. This is often referred to as “U.N. style”  interpretation. Interpretation services require specially trained interpreters and specialized equipment, all of which can be provided by Lingua.

Complete Conference Services

Lingua Company also provides complete conference services in a package that includes everything you would need for an international meeting, including onsite interpretation (simultaneous, consecutive, whispered, or escorted), American Sign Language (ASL) interpretation, document translation, meeting coordination services, interpretation equipment rental and audio-video transcriptions.

Whichever type of interpretation service you need, the bottom line is that it all goes more smoothly with a “concierge” approach, which is our hallmark at Lingua Company. We’re meeting planners, travel agents, AND language interpreters. One project manager is immediately assigned to each translation project in order to ensure that all quality steps are checked and met. Your Concierge will ensure that all your documents are translated, proofread, edited and quickly delivered back to you. 

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