Translators vs. Interpreters

Translators vs. Interpreters What is really the difference between interpreters and translators? What do translators do? Translators convert a written text, from one language that is called the source language, into another that is called the target language. A translator works with document translations. But a translator’s job is not so easy. The translator does […]

Professional Translation and Language Concierge

For Global Companies, A Professional Translation Concierge Service Eases The Way   Let’s say you’ve just landed a big contract with a foreign partner in Asia, South America or Europe. Congratulations! But now comes the hard part: working out all the operational details between your people and their people. And their people–at least those outside […]

Planning and Managing your Next Global Multilingual Event

Planning and Managing your Next Global Multilingual Event Planning any large scale global multilingual event requires careful planning months or even years beforehand. Corporate executives need to hire  suppliers, key presenters, and project managers need to map out strategic pathways and objectives. When the multilingual interpretation event involves a global, multilingual audience from several different […]