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Certified Legal
Document Translation

Certified Translations are documents intended to be presented to official authorities, usually for legal purposes that are admissible in Courts of Law, to Schools, Police, Immigration (USCIS) or in other official capacities.

Large Project Translation

Whether you have an ongoing legal case or you need your marketing material translated in several languages, you can trust us to handle all projects simultaneously. 


Interpretation Services

Simultaneous, Consecutive or Telephone interpretation services at the highest quality level. We offer simple, trustworthy interpretation services worldwide to industries: legal, technical, medical, etc.

Multilingual Content Writing

Lingua is a Multilingual Language Concierge, we can handle all language translation projects that are ongoing, from your Articles to blogs, Terms and Conditions, we can handle it all. 

Video & Voice,
Multilingual Transcription

Professional Voice Over services offered by native bilingual linguists. We are professional and bilingual linguists offering fast and cost-effective services. 

Fast Document Translation

Choose Lingua for a fast, next day translation delivery of your important documents, such as USCIS accepted certified translations or your Birth-, Marriage Certificates.

Cost-effective and high-quality —

We have the experts to help you level up your global game.

Being in business for 20+ years, we have seen it all. No project is too small or too large for us.

Lingua specializes in providing quality translation services to very specialized industries that require outstanding project management and localization processes.

We are not like all others, we are different, we work strategically with you to deliver localization services that make you stand out in your global market.

Cutting-edge translation

If you have worked with other providers...

Before contacting us, many clients have worked with other companies, but have been disappointed with their quality of service. Large companies might overcharge, smaller companies might not be able to deliver, and you receive machine translations that could damage your reputation.

Choosing the best translation agency for your important document translation is crucial. Here at Lingua, we deliver on time, we hold ourselves to only the highest of standards and provide a 100% accuracy guarantee.

In addition, we are constantly striving to improve our level of customer service, and it is our goal to be the best in the industry. For these reasons, a large percentage of our customers, nearly 95%, have come back to us for additional translation services, and over 80% are ‘regulars’ who utilize Lingua on an ongoing basis for all their document translation service needs.

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Lingua works with individuals, large and small corporations and law firms of any size. We pride ourselves for being experts in highly technical document translations. Our bilingual native translators are able to carry out any translation project on-time and on-budget.

Here are just some examples of the many types of projects that you can trust us to complete:

What type of documents can I translate?

Contracts & confidentiality agreements

Birth-, Death-, Marriage Certificates

Medical documents

User & Office Manual

Divorce Decrees

Legal Summons / Final Judgments


Power of Attorneys

Wills & Deeds

Terms and Conditions

Court Transcripts

Patents and intellectual property documents

Confidentiality & Non-disclosure agreements

Industries we serve

Industry specific translations are our expertise. From machinery to manufacturing, industrial automation, mining, energy, automotive, engineering, aviation, etc. We translate multilingual technical documents, training materials, user instructions, business contracts, and marketing collateral with accuracy and speed.

✓ We Deliver on time!    ✓ Dedicated project Managers.   ✓ Translation Cost Management

Automotive Industry

The automotive industry has its own set of challenges when it comes to localization for your market.

Aero Technical Industry

Lingua specializes in Aero technical translation field. Translating manuals, instructions, technical documents.


We will translate your e-store contents, such as product descriptions, reviews, blog articles ….

Manufacturing Industry

Subject matter expertise is crucial. Our translators are hand picked to deliver 100% accurate translation.

Finance Industry

Our clients include to banks, major financial institutions. We provide accurate multilingual translation services.

Travel Industry

We have been working with leaders in the travel industry since 2001.

Frequently Asked Questions ?

Depending on the document length and complexity, we deliver within normal 3-5 business days. However, we offer rush services, and we can deliver shorter documents within 24-48 business hours. Please request “rush service” at project submission.

Feel free to use our online form to submit your project. Or you can simply send us an email [email protected] with your attachments. Our customer service professionals will get back with you right away. Or call us at 1-866-201-2921.

Documents that are intended to be used for legal purposes overseas have to be Apostill-ed. We offer this convenient service. Please email your documents that have to be Apostilled and let us know in which country you will be using these documents.

You can contact us via telephone for any questions: 1 866 201 2921 or email at [email protected].

Whether it is for an international conference, concert, new product launch or festival providing accurate and effective communication across multiple languages in a foreign country or even at home is a major challenge that we are well equipped to meet. We are here to assist you through this process by planning, organizing and managing your multilingual event. 

Lingua Company’s specialized technical translators are hand picked based on their expertise. We are confident that any translation project that is of technical nature, will be handled most accurately and confidentially. Our translators are bilingual translators who have vast experience in translating difficult and complex subject matter.

You built a hard earned reputation, let Lingua Company help keep that in tact by producing for you only the highest quality translations.

Our legal translators are had picked based on experience and they are experts in their field. All of them are native speakers, and are able to provide legal document translation of all sorts. We specialize in specialized translation of some of the following document types: real estate contracts, professional contracts, power of attorneys, business licenses, patents and trademarks, all types of lawsuits, foreign identification and visa documentation, confidentiality agreements, and more.

We believe there's an easier way to manage your language projects.

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