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We have a litigation-experienced team to support any size legal professional and attorneys. We are proud to have 20+ years of legal field expertise, and we are dedicated to provide a place where all your legal translation service needs will be met. Furthermore, we assign a dedicated language concierge to our clients to ensure the highest quality service and excellence. 

Legal Translation for Legal Professionals

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How can Lingua help?

From 20+ years as a global legal translation service provider, we understand that the volume of materials produced in state-of-the-art business and legal litigation, makes it difficult for client to manage, especially when dealing with documents in various foreign-languages. Document produced for discovery by your opponents, need careful and special attention to avoid issues that might jeopardize your clients’ litigation outcomes. We have the expertise to help you.

We specialize in document translation on a large scale. Furthermore, we assign a legal service concierge to your project who will sit side-by-side with your legal team to review documents in any foreign language and to help you sort and filter documents that are critical for your case. This step is very important to ensure in that unnecessary expenditures will arise. We help you manage and organize your multilingual discovery efficiently.

Here are just a few types of documents we translate and a list of practice areas:

Practice Areas

International patent and trademark filings

Board Meeting Minutes

Foreign Statutes and Case Law

Compliance Policies and Directives 

Patent Prosecutions

Family Law Litigations

Legal Summons / Final Judgments


Commercial Litigation

Securities Litigation

Terms and Conditions

Labor and Employment

Patents and intellectual property documents

Confidentiality & Non-disclosure agreements

Languages supported
Years Experience
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Lingua Unlimited

Last minute translation multilingual discovery issues? We can help!

In just a few clicks, you can request and receive machine translations within minutes—allowing you to focus on the preparation of your client’s case instead of translation vendors.

Time is money. Save your team hundreds of hours of administrative time by having us manage the translation of your documents. 

Services we offer

Patent Translation

  • Arrange Translations
  • Instruct Filing Agents
  • Coordinate Paperwork
  • Coordinate Payment
  • Direct National Filing

Multilingual Support

High volume document translation in support of international arbitration and litigation and multilingual translation of immigration-related documents.

Court Reporting Services

Lingua works with a national database of Court Reporters. We can coordinate depositions and trials. 

Transcription Services

Lingua’s transcription professionals will accurately transcribe high volume recordings in more than 100 languages.

Large Scale Translation

Our language services are tailored to high volume litigation translations and legal support services, guaranteeing a cost-effective, efficient, transparent process.  

Court Interpretation

We have a large network of hand-picked legal court interpreters standing by for our clients. 

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