Global Branding – Taking Your Brand Abroad

Global Branding – Taking Your Brand Globally Is your company or organization about to take the next step and leap into the global market? Do you already have existing outlets in other countries but lack a cohesive multi-lingual branding strategy? Now is the time to get your company heads together and map out the most […]

Global Crowdsourcing

Global Crowdsourcing It’s not that long ago that a shop owner was considered successful if they had 2 stores in the same town. Each would have had its own set of accounts, and communication would have been through someone physically traveling between the stores. Some years later, an entrepreneur may have had a small chain […]

Global Marketing

Global Marketing Global marketing campaigns are becoming increasingly focused on catering for the ‘instant’ society and also on being locally relevant. As consumers turn to the latest digital platforms and devices for communication and transactions, the successful marketing campaigners are those that constantly stay one step ahead. The target market Instead of an outdated ‘one […]